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Research Impact: Researcher Profiles

Set Up Researcher Profile

What is ORCID?

  • ORCID, which stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier, is a globally unique, persistent and open identifier for researchers and scholars.
  • You can use the same ORCID ID (an https URI with a 16-digit number, see a demo account) throughout your whole career regardless your name/affiliation/living place changes.
  • The ORCID ID links a researcher's list of works, past funding and current affiliation. It improves discoverability and reduces repetitive data entry.


Account Registration and Scopus/Web of Science Connection

  • Account Registration
  • Connect Scopus Author Profile to ORCID (see Author Profile (Scopus))
  • Connect Web of Science Researcher Profile to ORCID (see Researcher Profile (Web of Science))

Author Profile/ID

  • Scopus automatically creates a profile when you have 2 or more publications indexed. Each profile has a unique Author ID.
  • You will not have a Scopus Author Profile if your publications are not indexed in Scopus, even though you have more than 2 publications.

Point to note:

  • You may have multiple profiles/IDs if you have publications with different names variants and/or you have changed affiliations. Please go to "Request Corrections to your Scopus Author Profile" to merge your Author IDs so that all your publications will be listed under one unique Author ID.
  • The affiliation shown in Author Profile is based on the most recent publication.


Locate your Author details page

  1. Go to Scopus.
  2. Search any of your published document by title or conduct an author by name / ORCID ID.
  3. Click on the your name to access your Author Profile.


Request Corrections to your Scopus Author Profile

1. Merge Author Profiles

  • If you have multiple author profiles, you may merge them by selecting the profiles and clicking "Request to merge authors". You will be directed to "Author Feedback Wizard". Log into Scopus to complete the request.


2. Update Author Profiles

  • You may also set a preferred name, update the affiliation, add or remove documents/preprints published and/or add or remove grants awarded in the Profile.
  • Click "Edit profile". You will be directed to "Author Feedback Wizard". Log into Scopus to complete the correction request.


3. Connect to ORCID

  • You can connect your Scopus Author Profile to ORCID so that your publications listed in your Scopus Author Profile can be added to your ORCID profile.
  • Click "Connect to ORCID". Sign in to your ORCID account and follow the instruction to complete the connection.


Research Profile

  • Web of Science Researcher Profile allows you to track your publications, citation metrics, handling editor work, and peer reviews for journals, conferences, and funders in one place. Each profile will be assigned a unique and persistent ResearcherID.

Create your Researcher Profile

  1. Go to Web of Science.
  2. Sign in to Web of Science. You may register a free account. This account can also be used for logging into other Clarivate products, e.g. Journal Citation Reports and EndNote.

  3. Select "Create" under "Profile".

  4. Add your publications to your Profile.


Update your Researcher Profile

  • Select "Edit" under your Profile where you can change your display name, your primary organization, etc.
  • Select "ORCID Syncing" to connect your Web of Science Researcher Profile to ORCID account. It allows you to keep both your ORCID and Web of Science Researcher Profile up to date and in sync. Click "Connect your ORCID ID", log into your ORCID account and complete the setting. Then, grant Web of Science permission to update your ORCID works. 


Set up your Google Scholar Profile

  1. Go to Google Scholar and log in with your Google account.
  2. Select "My Profile".
  3. Please remember to make your profile public so that it may appear in Google Scholar results when people search for your name.

  4. Add your publications to your profile to complete the setting.

  5. Under your profile, you can click the  button. An alert email will be sent to you if there's new articles in your profile, new citations to your articles and new articles related to your research.