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Research Impact: Article Impact

Article Impact

Article impact measures the number of times the publication is cited by others.


How to find the citation metrics in databases / online resources







European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH Plus)

ERIH PLUS (originally called the European Reference Index for the Humanities or ERIH) is an index holding bibliographic information on academic journals in the Social Sciences and Humanities (HSS). The aim of the index is to increase visibility, search ability and availability of the HSS. ERIH PLUS is an online service, and it grants updated data on European journals. The main target group of the index are researchers and research within a European framework.


Alternative Metrics (Altmetrics)

Alternative Metrics, or Altmetrics, measure the impact of scholarly works in the online environment. The scholarly work can be a journal article, book chapter, a dataset, a powerpoint presentation, etc.. Altmetrics count the interactions in the online environment, e.g. download, share, comment, bookmark, save, like, tweet. It showcases the research impact beyond the traditional citation counts. Besides, as the Altmetrics track the online activities, the impact is reflected promptly.


Almetrics Tools


  • Example - Altmetric found on Taylor & Francis online platform



  • The Plum Analytics provides PlumX Metrics which are categorized into 5 categories, namely Citations, Usage, Captures, Mentions and Social Media. For details, please go to
  • Check the PlumX Metrics on online databases, e.g. Science DirectScopus

  • Example - PlumX Metrics found on Scopus

  • Researchers can create a profile to explore and share the online impact of their research
  • Register a free account with a Twitter account


  • Profile example