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How to find News Articles 尋找新聞報章: Introduction 簡介

Getting started 開始

News and newspapers are useful reference resources for your research project or assignment.  The Library provides different types and sources of news for our users. 

To find the right news, you should ask yourself the following questions: 


1. What period of news are you looking for? 甚麼時候的新聞?

Current news 即日 / 近日新聞

Historical news 歷史新聞

2. What region of news are you looking for甚麼地區的新聞?

Local (Hong Kong) 本地 (香港)

Global 國際

3.  What formats of news are you looking for甚麼格式的新聞內容

Printed 印刷本

Digital full text 電子本

Video 影片

4.  Any specific topic? 有特別新聞主題嗎?


Why should I use Library-subscribed news databases 為何要使用圖書館訂購的新聞資料庫?

Full-text available 可閱覽全文內容


Past news available 閱覽昔日新聞


Comprehensive search functions 完善的搜尋功能


Historical news video clips available 可瀏覽歷史新聞片段



Guide on "Citing Sources of Information"

Guide on "Fake news"

Contact Us 聯絡我們

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