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How to find News Articles 尋找新聞報章: WisersOne 慧科新聞資料庫

Description 簡介 - WisersOne

Introduction 介紹

1. To change the language display or platform, click the square grid.

2. - Small globe: Change the language display

    - WiseObserver: Browse news articles

    - WiseSearch: Search news articles

Search in WisersOne 搜尋報章

1. Go to "WiseSearch". 


2. Input the keywords into the searching field. You may also refine your search by selecting the '"Date", "Media", "Author", "Region", etc.. Click "Search' when you finished your setting.

3. Click on the title to read the full-text content and click on the buttons to print, download or email the content.


Browse news articles 瀏覽新聞

1. You can browse news articles under "WiseObserver". Click on "Display/Sort" and/or "Filter" to filter the news, if necessary.



2. Click on the title to read the full-text content.

Using e-resources outside campus 校外使用電子資源

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