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Supply Chain Management 供應鏈管理學: Books 書籍

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Search library resources by keywords 建議關鍵字

This guide is about Supply Chain Management, which covers the following subject areas. You may use these keywords to search for related resources in LibSearch.


Business Logistics Customer services -- Management Delivery of goods -- Management
Industrial Procurement Inventory control Management science
Marketing channels -- Management Materials Management Operations Research
Physical Distribution of Goods Production control Production management
Production Planning Shipment of Goods Supplier relationship management
Warehouse Management    

Call Number relating to this subject 相關書籍的索書號

Books on Supply Chain Management can be found on the shelves according to the following classification codes:


Classification Codes 分類號碼 Classification Outline 包含範圍
HD 28 - 70 Industrial management 工業管理
HD 38.5 Business logistics 商業物流
HF 39.5 Industrial procurement 工業採購
HF 5415.6 Physical distribution of goods 貨物分配
HF 5415.7 Physical distribution of goods -- Management 貨物分配 -- 管理
HF 5761 - 5780 Finance management 財務管理
HG 8011-9999 Insurance 保險
KNR 1-489 Shipment of goods 貨物裝運
T 55.4 - 57.97 Management Science 管理科學
T 57.6 - 57.97 Operations research 作業研究
TS 155 - 194 Production Management 生產管理
TS 157 - 158.6 Production control 產品控制
TS 160 - 163 Inventory control 庫存控制

Other related subjects 其他相關科目

E-books guide 電子書使用指南

Responsible use of electronic resources 使用電子資源注意事項

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