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EndNote Web (Basic): Share Your References分享參考文獻

Share your References 分享參考文獻

  1. Select "Manage My Groups" under "Organize".

  2. Click "Manage Sharing" under the group you want to share.

  3. Click "Start sharing this group".

  4. Key in the email addresses of your groupmates. You can also select the privilege (Read or Read & Write) enjoyed by your groupmates. Then, click "Apply".
    輸入組員的電郵地址。另外,選你要分享的群組權限 - 「唯讀」或「讀寫」。然後按「套用」。

  5. The group will change to a "Share" group.

  6. Your groupmate can find your shared group under "Groups Shared by Others".  

  7. To manage the groups shared by others, select "Others' Groups" under "Organize". Remember to click the "Use for Cite While You Write" box if you want to use the references when using the "Cite While You Write".
    管理別人分享給你的群組,可選「整理」下的「其他人的群組」。如你需要此群組的文獻能用於「Cite While You Write」,你需要剔選「用於Cite While You Write」。

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