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EndNote Web (Basic): Create Your Reference Collection 建立參考書目收藏

Create references manually 手動建立書目記錄


  1. In EndNote Web, click the “Collect” tab. 
    在 EndNote Web 網站,按 "收集" 頁。
  2. Click “New Reference”. 
    按 "新增參考文獻"。
  3. Enter the information in the fields.
  4. Click “Save”. 

Import references from item record in Library website 從圖書館網頁匯入書目記錄

1. Click the “…” button to extend the options.

2. Click “Endnote”.

3. The record is imported to Endnote automatically.

Import references from online databases 從電子資料庫匯入書目記錄

1. Add the record(s) to folder by clicking the “+” button.
    按“+” 將相關記錄加入文件夾。

2. Then, go to "Folder".

3. Select the record(s) and then click “Export”.

4. Select “Direct Export to EndNote Web” and click “Save”.
    選取“Direct Export to EndNote Web”,然後按“Save”。

5. The record(s) is imported to EndNote automatically.

1. Select the record(s).

2. Go to "Folder"

3. Select the record(s). Click “..."

4. Select "EndNote, Citavi, etc.", then click "Close".
    點選"EndNote, Citavi, etc.",然後按"Close"。

5. Click “Continue” to download the RIS file.
   點擊“Continue” 下載RIS檔案文件。

6. Then, go to EndNote Web. Select “Import References” under “Collect”. Upload the “RIS” file. Select the database name (“ProQuest” in this example). Choose the folder to be saved in and click “Import”.
     進入EndNote Web。在「收集」下選「滙入參考文獻」。上載RIS檔案。選擇相關電子資料庫名稱。選擇儲存的文件夾,然後按「滙入」。

7. The record(s) is imported automatically.
    相關記錄書目資料自動滙入EndNote Web。


1. Not all databases have the export function. Please input the reference manually, whenever necessary.

2. Please always check the accuracy of the information in the record after importing.

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