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Ageing Society 高齡社會: Books 書籍

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Call Number relating to this subject 相關書籍的索書號

Books on Ageing Society can be found on the shelves according to the following classification codes:


Classification Codes 分類號碼

Classification Outline 包含範圍

BF 724.8 – 724.85

Older people -- Psychology 老年人 -- 心理學

HQ 1060 – 1064

Gerontology 老年學

HQ 1060 – 1064;
HV 1450 – HV1494

Older people 老年人

QH 529;
QP 86

Aging 高齡化

R 728 – 728.8;
RA 410 – 410.9

Medical economics 醫學經濟學

RA 564.8;
RA 777.6 

Older people -- Health and hygiene 老年人 -- 健康和衛生

RC 451.4.A5

Geriatric psychiatry 老年精神病學

RC 480.54

Psychotherapy for older people 老年人心理治療

RC 952 – 954.6

Geriatrics; Older people -- Diseases 老年病學;老年人 -- 疾病

RC 954

Geriatric nursing 老年護理

RT 49

Nursing care plans 護理計劃

RT 86.7

Nursing -- Practice 護理 -- 實踐

RT 98

Community health nursing 社區衛生護理

TX 361.A3

Older people -- Nutrition 老年人 -- 營養

Other related subjects 其他相關科目

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