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How to find Dissertations and Theses 尋找畢業論文全文資源: Home主頁

Home 主頁

This guide helps you to locate dissertations and theses from local and worldwide resources.

HKMU theses 香港都會大學畢業論文

You may find the theses produced by HKMU students in the following ways:


A.) Search in LibSearch   於LibSearch搜索

B.) Search in HKMU Student Works Repository   於學生作品庫搜索


A.) Search in LibSearch   於LibSearch搜索

1. Go to Library homepage.

2. Type in keywords or topics in the search box in tab "Digital Repository" and click the search icon.


3. Search results will be displayed at the HKMU Student Works Repository webpage in a new widow.

4. Select "Thesis & Dissertation" under "Type of Work" on the right.
    在右方的「作品類型」下,選「Thesis & Dissertation」。


5. A list of HKMU theses will be shown in the result list.


B.) Search in HKMU Student Works Repository   於學生作品庫搜索

1. Go to HKMU Student Works Repository.



2. Select "Theses and Dissertations (HKMU)".



3. You may enter the keywords at the search box on top, then click "Search" for searching; or

4. Browse the records by clicking different "School / Unit" or "Program" under "Facets" on the right.
    到右方「過濾面」下點選不同「學院 / 部門」或「課程」瀏覽相關論文。



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