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How to make Book Reservation online 預約圖書館資料: Home 主頁

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What types of Library Materials can be requested? 甚麼類別的圖書館資料才可以預約?

You can make hold requests on General Collection books and their accompanying item or attachment when all the title's available copies are checked out or reserved.

Any hold request for all other reserve materials (except SPM) has to be made in person.

Reservation Quota 預約限額

Borrowers Categories 讀者類別

General Collection

Reserve Collection 
(Course materials 課程材料, Exam papers 試題,  Set Textbooks 指定教科書, AV materials etc. 視聽材料等)

Reservation quota 

Reservation quota 

Undergraduates and sub-degree students
(including students taking LiPACE eligible programmes)






Academic/Administrative staff
教務人員 / 行政人員
40 3
General grade staff
20 3


How to make hold requests online? 如何在網上預約圖書館資料

 To make hold requests online 如要在網上預約圖書館資料

1. Sign in to your library account first.

2. To reserve a book, click the title of the record.


3. If an item can be requested, you will find a "Click here to request" under "Location". ​Click on it.


    If the item has more than one volume, the "Request" button will be displayed at the right of the volume.


4. Select a Pickup location and then click "SEND REQUEST".


5. You will see "Your request was successfully placed" if your hold request is made successfully.


6. You will be notified via your HKMU email account when the item is ready for pickup. Students can also receive the notice(s) via the HKMU Student Mobile App.


7. Remember to sign out after use.

How to make hold requests in person? 如何親身預約圖書館資料?

For General Collection materials 一般藏書:

  1. Fill in the "Book Reservation Form" at the Service Counter. (One form for each item)
    可在服務台填寫「書籍預約表格(Book Reservation Form)」(每項資料均需個別填寫表格)。
  2. Submit the form to the Service Counter. Library staff will check your position in the holding queue and confirm your reservation.

For Reserve materials 指定參考資料:

  1. Fill in the "Logbook for Reservation of Reserve Items" at the Service Counter.
    請到服務台填寫「參考資料預約紀錄簿(Logbook for Reservation of Reserve Items)」預約所需資料。
  2. Library staff will check your position in the holding queue and confirm your reservation. The requested item will be held for collection at the Service Counter for 15 minutes from the pick up time.

Collection Notification 預約通知書

A notification will be sent by email to your HKMU email account when reserved items are available. Students can also receive the notifications via the HKMU Student Mobile App. The requested items can be collected at the Service Counter before the last pickup date.

Canceling the Reservation 取消預約

You can cancel the requested items under Requests by logging on to your Borrower Record or calling up the Library at 2768-6778. Please note that if requested items are ready for pick up, the items cannot be cancelled online.
讀者可到「讀者記錄 」的「預約」欄下之清單選擇要取消的項目 或 致電2768-6778取消有關預約。如預約館藏項目已可領取,讀者不能於網上取消該項目的預約。

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