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Nursing 護理學: Books 書籍

Online Tutorial 網上教室

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Call Number relating to this subject 相關書籍的索書號

Books on Nursing and Health Studies can be found on the shelves according to the following classification codes:


Classification Codes 分類號碼 Classification Outline 包含範圍
QH 301 – 705 General Biology 生物學
QM Human Biology 人體生物學
QP Physiology 生理學
R Medicine (General) 醫學、醫藥
R723 – 726 Medical Philosophy, Medical Ethics 醫學哲學、醫學倫理
RA Public Aspects of Medicine 公共醫療
RA 421 – 790.85 Public Health, Hygiene, Preventive Medicine 公共衛生、預防性藥物
RA 645.3 – 645.37 Home Health Care Services 家居健康護理服務
RA 790 – 790.95 Mental Health Care Services 精神健康護理服務
RA 960 – 1000.5 Medical Centers, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics (Including Ambulance Service, Nursing Homes, Hospices) 醫療中心、醫院、診所(包括救護車服務、療養院、善終醫院)
RB Pathology 病理學
RC Internal Medicine 內科
RC 952 – 954.6 Geriatrics 老人科
RC 1200 – 1245 Sports Medicine 運動醫學
RD Surgery 外科手術
RD 99 – 99.35 Surgical Nursing 外科護理學
RE Ophthalmology 眼科
RE 88 Ophthalmic Nursing 眼科護理
RF Otorhinolaryngology 耳鼻喉科
RG Gynecology and Obstetrics 婦產科
RG 500 – 991 Obstetrics 產科
RG 940 – 991 Maternal Care, Prenatal Care Services 產婦護理、產前護理服務
RJ Pediatrics 兒科
RJ 101 – 103 Child Health, Child Health Services 兒童健康、兒童健康服務
RJ 245 Nursing of Children, Pediatric Nursing 兒童護理、兒科護理學
RK Dentistry 牙科
RL Dermatology 皮膚科
RM Therapeutics, Pharmacology 治療學、藥理學
RT Nursing 護理學
RT 89 – 120 Specialties in Nursing 専科護理

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