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Online Tutorials 網上教室: Citing Sources of Information and Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism (2:59)

How to cite a book? (1:18)

How to cite a website? (1:14)

What is citation? (2:13)

How to cite a journal article? (1:32)

How to cite a video? (1:24)

避免抄襲 (3:04)

如何引用書籍? (1:46)

如何引用網頁? (1:40)

甚麼是引用文獻? (2:41)

如何引用期刊文章? (2:04)

如何引用影片? (1:50)


Please visit the Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Sources of Information guides for more information.