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How to read Call Numbers 索書號介紹: Home 主頁

What is a call number? 什麼是索書號

Each book in the library has a unique call number which helps to identify where the book is located in the library. Call numbers appear on the spine of books, periodicals and other items.  The HKMU Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification to classify all library materials. This system uses a combination of letters and numbers to arrange materials. It gives information about the subject, author or publication year of a book. 

Read a call number line by line 索書號的結構與含義

e.g. HB171.5 .C788 2013 C.2 以「HB171.5 .C788 2013 C.2」為例子

call number

 The first part of a call number contains letters. These letters are read in alphabetical order from A to Z. 

 The second part of the call number contains numbers which are read as a whole number. This part may also contain a decimal. 

 The third part consists of a single letter and then a sequence of numbers. Items are placed first in alphabetical order by the letter, then numerically according to the sequence of numbers. 

 The final lines of the call number may include dates, volume numbers, issue numbers, copy numbers, and other annotations. These annotations are read after the call number.

Collection prefix 索書號前標示館藏類別的字母


Some call numbers are preceded by a collection prefix indicating that the item is shelved in a specific location and may have loan restrictions. For example: 

  • "REF" means in Reference Collection "REF" 是參考藏館藏
  • "ROB" means Oversize books in Reference Collection "ROB" 指特大參考館藏
  • "SER" means in Serials "SER" 指期刊 
  • "GOB" means Oversize books in General Collection "GOB" 指一般館藏庫中的特大藏書 
  • "RES" means Reserve "RES" 為指定教科書
  • "TEA" means Teaching Resource "TEA" 指教學資源

How library materials are shelved 圖書館資料的排架方法

Library materials are shelved according to the call number on the spine of the materials. The call number on the book spine matches the one found in the library record via LibSearch. 
For example: 

A call number in the library record 圖書館館藏紀錄所顯示的索書號:
HB90 .C788 2013

A call number on spine 書脊上的索書號:

How to shelve library materials by call numbers 按照索書號排列圖書館資料

The first line of a call number will be shelved alphabetically. 

For example 例如:

The second line of a call number will be shelved in numerical order. A call number with a smaller number is placed before one with a larger number. 

For example 例如:

The third line of a call number will be shelved alphabetically and then numerically. It should be noted that all numbers in this line are treated as if they were preceded by a decimal. 

For example 例如:

The final line of the call numbers include dates, volume numbers, issue numbers, copy numbers, and other annotations. In such case, it will follow an ascending order. 

Eventually, the call numbers will be arranged like this: 

Location of subject collections 科目館藏位置

Click the image to view the location of different subject collections at HKMU Library.



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